Becoming a Sponsor

2014 Waterford Oaks BMX sponsorship program:   Celebrating 40 years of BMX-ellence 1974 – 2014

Are you looking for a way to promote your business or services to the BMX community? Do you have a racing family or team you want to make stand out from the others? Then Oakland County Parks has a way you can become a sponsor of one of the oldest BMX tracks in the World Waterford Oaks BMX Race Track.

For *$200 you will receive the following.

One 3’ X 5’ banner (printed by fast Signs) that will hang along our fence line during all races including the Great Lakes Nationals and some open ride sessions.

Name announced at every Saturday race.

Link to your website from

Name listed on the BMX page.

Booth space during our two Free Day events May 17th and June 28th. You can have your own area to setup your booth to promote your business or services.

*$200 is a special 2014 price as our 2014 flyers have been printed for the year.

Please subtract $50 if you want to supply us with a banner of your own to display along the fence.

Call the track director at (248)858-0915 to sign up today.

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